Cincinnat PIGS Assault Man Having a Diabetic Attack

Daily business for the police state.

CINCINNATI, OHIO – MARCH 9, 2011 – Prosecutor Deters announced yesterday that no charges will be filed against the Sheriffs who beat John Harmon. John Harmon is African American. John Harmon and his
wife of 25 years owns a printing company in Walnut Hills. John Harmon has raised two college educated children. John Harmon who lives in Anderson Township was beat almost to death in 2009. John Harmon is a
diabetic. He experienced a diabetic attack while driving home. The sheriff pulled him over and within 20 seconds broke the driver side window and tased him 7 times while he sat seat belted in his car. The
officers pulled John Harmon out of his car and stomped him and kicked him to the point that his arm and thumb were broken. It has taken multiple surgeries to put his arm and thumb back together. The only
reason John Harmon is alive is a State Highway Patrol Officer arrived on the scene and pulled the sheriffs off of John Harmon’s lifeless body.
John Harmon is a middle class African American man with no contact with the police in his life. John Harmon is a great American. The officers will not be disciplined. The officers are back at work today with full pay. “No African Americans are safe if John Harmon can not drive home without almost being killed. The county has pressed charges against citizens for dog endangerment but find nothing wrong with sworn officers almost killing a man in his own neighborhood,” Christopher Smitherman, president of the Cincinnati NAACP said.

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