Boorishness as Heresy

The latest from the PC Inquisition and Official Tolerance.

Had a student with more politically correct leanings made a video that resulted in a barrage of death threats, she would be held up as a hero, and there would be a massive nationwide investigation to find those who had made the death threats, as well as a ‘national dialog’ about ‘domestic terrorism’ and harsh scrutiny of the ideology held by those making the death threats. The university president would be actually appalled by the death threats, instead of ‘appalled’ by a person complaining about rude behavior in the campus library.

YWC doesn’t endorse everything Miss Wallace said or the way she said it, but we think the rabid overreacting and death threats are totally uncalled for. This should also not be used as an excuse to impose a fresh round of ‘diversity’ brainwashing for the multicult.

Oh, getting back to the real issue which started all this: any jackass rude and inconsiderate enough to babble loudly on a cell phone in the library during finals week should be immediately expelled and banned from the library, regardless of what country they are from or what language they are speaking.

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