Workers Against the Bosses' Economy

Article by David D’Amato.

Because the primary interventions of the state capitalist system are so deeply embedded, those interventions closer to the surface — state action like minimum wage laws, etc. — are often more easily recognized; the mistake, so often made by well-meaning champions of the working man, is to see these more trivial interventions and take them to prove the state’s backing of labor. The state, though, born out of economic exploitation and class subjugation, has never been anything but a tool of the elite.

The idea that it can be used for good is the great illusion, the deceit through which the state makes us participants in our own enslavement to it. The bold actions of workers in Wisconsin remind of the truth, that the state never intrudes into economic life but for the interests of the powerful. Workers’ rights are an afterthought in the overall structure of the statist economy. As a voluntary means to social change, boycott represents a vital element of the way forward and out of the state’s constrained economic system.

The great majority of working people, the productive force in society, have the power if we’ll take it, and violence is not required to transform society. To torpedo the bosses’ system, nonviolent protests, strikes and boycotts are in order. Wisconsin workers are setting an example for all of us.

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