Meathead Left Hates the Third Position

Article by Maury2K.

RevLeft.com is a website where purportedly 8,000 radical leftists  from around the world meet for discussions, et al. Every breed of cat seems to be represented: Social Democrats & anarchists, Stalinists & Trotskyists, DeLeonists & ecofreaks, you name it and they’re all there. Nearly everyone, that is. Before you can sign up, you’re told pointedly that National Bolsheviks, National Anarchists and other Third Positionists are EXCLUDED. I’m a National Bolshevik, but I signed up anyway. Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke!

Along the same lines, the meat head left-liberal website Indybay, based in the SF Bay Area, got all bent out of shape when some comrades of the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA) joined one of the Gaza protest demos. Shocked out of their tiny jockstraps, they pointed out that BANA also participated with the Minutemen counter-protest of the May Day march. (As if the two couldn’t be complimentary.)

Ironically, BANA and the Minutemen were on the side of majority opinion in this country, as measured by the polls, while Indybay and the Meat Head Left were on the side of the Plutocratic Elite. The Elite want cheap labor and cheap nannies. The May Day march was to protest the new Arizona law. That old fraud Ronnie Reagan, a devotee of Open Borders in practice, would also be against the Arizona law.

Thus Indbay, the Meat Head Left, the Plutocratic Elite, Obama, the GOP Establishment and Reagan’s rotting corpse are on one side, BANA, National Bolsheviks and other Third Positionists, the white working class AND a majority of the African American community are on the other.

BANA is not welcome at the Gaza protest, but the US Socialist Workers Party is. Yet the SWP had a policy in the 1940s of forbidding inter-racial relationships in the Party. In 1939 they adopted a resolution written by CLR James, after consulting with Trotsky, that said when American blacks would begin to radicalize, they’d turn nationalist first. And since Black Nationalism was defined as anti-White, the SWP didn’t want to inflame passions. Still, it was Jim Crow socialism.

At the other extreme, Third Worldist Maoists out of Denver would also be welcomed by the Meat Head Left to the Gaza protest. This despite their embrace of J Sakai’s position in SETTLERS that the moment a white child is born in America, that kid is a bourgeois and can never become a proletarian because of skin color. Even if the mother is on welfare. (A plurality, if not a majority, in the USA of those on welfare are white.)

Hypocrisy is rife on the Meat Head Left.

Indybay advocates totalitarian measures of exclusion against BANA and anyone else who blow away the pipe dreams of Meat Head Leftism.

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  1. If they don’t want us living in neighborhoods and villages without states–clearly they don’t want us living at all.

    They are, at heart, anti-state globalists and they probably plan on executing us after the revolution.

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