Voting: Who Needs It?

Dave D’Amato explains the futility of electoralism.

Counter to the statist categories of democracy that exist to give (in mainstream political jargon) a “mandate” to coercion, free market anarchists favor voluntary democracy. Leaving each individual free within her own sphere of decision-making autonomy, market anarchism contemplates group decisions based on the consent and participation of all involved.

Cooperatives, mutuals, and any number of other, peacefully-organized groups could — without the violent imposition of state interference — make decisions for collective action. With individuals left the power to withdraw their consent from institutions founded on free agreement, democracy would become a valid, organic process.

Today, democracy and all of its many accoutrements make up an extravaganza for celebrating and purifying the acts of the modern, total state. Free market anarchism simply calls for a democratic ideal wherein unchained individuals would resolve problems and come to conclusions through nonviolent channels of action. Regardless of the details of bills moving about in state legislatures, the democracy of the state will always be of the state, by the state and for the state.

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