The Black Panthers' Community Service Programs 3

Has anyone read this book? It looks rather interesting.

Some of this stuff would seem to be a possible prototype for replacing the state’s social welfare system. Presumably, these models could be utilized by separatist or decentralist movements of any type.


  1. I just wrote a commentary on a proposed counter institution-style education system among the Tlingit:

    I also exchanged some emails with a First Nations tribal member who was part of the movement protesting the Olympics in Vancouver. Many of his family members and most of the tribe were actually involved with the Olympics through the arts and culture industry the Olympics established. To me, this sort of thing highlights the importance of establishing counter institutions in our communities that rival statist ones.

  2. Really glad this was brought up. Was extremely successful except for when times Cointelpro would try to sabotage such efforts. The method was adopted by the Appalachian radical group, Young Patriots as well as the Young Lords and I think the Chinese version. (I forgot the name)

    Recommended movie: American Revolution 2. The scene will black panther, Bobby Lee, is in a room full urban Appalachians and organizes them is absolutely fascinating.

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