Is It Time to Liberate Ourselves from the Word Secession?

Interesting new article from Tom Naylor.

Tom argues that “liberation” is a better term. My guess is that nothing will appease the PC Inquisitors irrespective of what kind of terminology we employ, nor do I think we should bother with trying to appease the forces of PC. But I also suspect “liberation” might be a more marketable term in a liberal region like Vermont, while “secession” might be more appropriate for a conservative region like Texas or the deep South.  Conservatives would hear the term “liberation” and think “Communism” just like liberals hear the term “secession” and think “racism and fascism.”

There was actually a very small militia back in the 1990s that essentially had a pan-secessionist outlook (which is more or less where I lifted the concept from) called North American Liberation Army. Their goal was to build an alliance between the militia movement and groups like the Nation of Islam and American Indian Movement in North America, pro-Palestinian groups in the Middle East like Hezbollah, and the Zapatistas and Shining Path in Latin America.

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