The Ten Core Demographics of Alternative-Anarchism/Pan-Secessionism

1. The Populist Right: A wide assortment of sub-tendencies including gun rights, white rights, religious rights, men’s rights, father’s rights, family rights, alternative medicine, home schoolers, conspiracists, militias, state’s rights, local sovereignty, pro-life, hard money, libertarian, anti-tax. Eventually more and more from these camps will recognize that they have no prospect of victory within the context of the present system and will begin looking for alternatives.

2. The Sinking Former Middle Class: Class divisions in the U.S. will increasingly resemble those of Latin America, and when that happens the former middle class will  be PISSED!

3. The Antiwar/Civil Liberties Left: Expect a major split in the future between this Left and the race/gender/gay identity politics/welfare state Left.

4. The Urban Underclass: Expect no revolution without gaining the support of this class. To win, we must control the major cities, and we do that by gaining the support of this class.

5. The Lumpenproletariat: Broadly defined as traditional outgroups who were never incorporated into the Left’s pantheon of the oppressed, e.g. drug users, prisoners, the homeless, psychiatric inmates, cults and sequestered sects, prostitutes/sex workers, youth subcultures, those whose livelihood is criminalized outright, to name but a few.

6. Racial Minorities Outside the Liberal Paradigm: Ranges from conservative minorites to racial/national separatists to ethnic autonomists to lumpen elements, e.g. gangs, conventional criminals, convicts.

7. The DeClasse: Persons from privileged backgrounds, particularly younger people, who reject the values of their class (e.g. egalitarian consumerism).

8. Ecological Radicals: Not tree-hugging Al Gore fans and global warming hysterics, but primitivists, deep ecologists, Earth Firsters, ALFers/ELFers, peak oilers, neo-Luddites, Kaczynskians, and Linkolans.

9. Lower class members of the traditional outgroups and/or left-wing constituent groups: e.g. feminist women, racial/ethnic minorities, traditional union members, gays, sexual minorities, cultural liberals, countercultural youth, environmentalists, who eventually recognize that liberalism isn’t bringing home the bacon and that all of this political correctness isn’t paying the rent.

10. Refugees from Political Correctness: Former liberals who wise up aka modern day Arthur Koestlers.

Collectively, these and other related or overlapping demographic factions represent a majority of the U.S. population (or will be a majority decades from now at the hour of the revolution). Our mission is to build the appropriate coalitions and alliances at the local level, and then at the regional level, and then at the national or continental level with the end game of mass pan-secession always being in sight. To win, we need to take a super-majority of the territorial U.S. with us. The forces of the local coalitions should be reflective of local cultures and dominant ideological trends while regional and national alliances should be based simply on the need for common defense against the common enemy. The anarchist communities of the past are a model for new anarchist communities in the future, the Hanseatic and other medieval leagues are a model for the regional alliances of local communities, and the Continental Congresses or Articles of Confederation of the American Revolution, or the Spanish Anarchist militias, are a model for the assertion of common independence from You Know Who.

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  1. I agree with you that we must gain support & work with all these groups (and more), except one. If by “Linkolans” you are talking about Pentti Linkola types I must raise issue. Linkola calls for a global genocide to be carried out by an authoritarian super state. What does he have in common with Alternative-Anarchism/Pan-Secessionism other then being unpopular?

  2. There are things about Pentti Linkola himself that creep me out personally. Some of his ideas sound fairly similar to Pol Pot such as his advocacy of emptying out cities in favor of an anti-tech agrarian society. But I know people who are influenced by him who are basically just Luddites or deep ecology, Malthusian, Earth Firster types.

    Does Linkola actually advocate genocides to be carried out by some specific regime which his followers control? Or is he simply taking a Malthusian position that ultimately things like war, genocide, disease, famine, etc. have an ecological function by keeping the human population down to ecologically sustainable levels? I know he wrote a pacifist manifesto at one point, so it would seem he’s a rather complex and contradictory figure.

    I admit to not being that up on Linkola. Do others want to clarify a bit? Luke, you’re somewhat familiar with Linkola, aren’t you?

  3. I’ve only read one piece written by Linkola in TYR. Of course Michael Moynihan has edited many of Linkola’s works, but I haven’t read those. Personally I don’t know how I feel about such a person — I’m about as concerned about the earth as anyone but I don’t think much of what Linkola proposes is really the answer. And I wouldn’t want to live in a world where I’d have to eat rats to survive, even if that would help the environment.

    Funny enough my aunt’s heavily into animal rights and I told her about Linkola, and she objected to how he fishes in a pond for food(!) Anyways…

  4. Ten core demographics for anyone who deserves my support:

    1) White men
    2) White women
    3) White youth
    4) White children
    5) White workers
    6) White businessmen
    7) White religious figures
    8) White scholars and thinkers
    9) White leaders and rulers
    10) White persecuted minorities i.e. South Africa

    Much better than your pathetic motley crew of eco-terrorists, negro-terrorists, religious fanatics, junkies, dirty hippies, whores, weakling libertarians, luddites, pedophiles and radical Muslims.

    Tell me Keith, do you have Jewish blood? Negro?

  5. Faust, if you get what you want I’ll bet all you fellow “whites” would just destroy each other. Just look at the Forrest Fogarty/Erica Gielbe disaster. (And I’m not a fan of either, especially not Forrest who I’m pretty sure I dealt with before…)

  6. Keith, let’s not neglect the farmers, they are essential. Plus the discarded, disgruntled returning vets.

    White Nationalists and racists can/will contribute to the struggle once they realize that not all whites are their friends and not all nonwhites are their enemies. Even Hitler allied his movement with nonwhites in his war against other whites. Is it too much to expect people to be atleast as open minded as Hitler.

  7. “let’s not neglect the farmers, they are essential. Plus the discarded, disgruntled returning vets.”


    “s it too much to expect people to be atleast as open minded as Hitler.”

    LOL. I’m beginning to wonder.

  8. “I admit to not being that up on Linkola. Do others want to clarify a bit? Luke, you’re somewhat familiar with Linkola, aren’t you?”

    To be honest, my adolescent interest in Linkola was never really that intense – I only read a couple of bits and pieces that seemed to segue with some of the blacker aspects of my outlook at that time. He is essentially in favour of some form of eco-dictatorship to restrict population and economic growth by force, though whether he would actively strive for genocide or some more seemingly humane but equally horrific system of eugenics/birth control is beyond me. He cannot fully bring himself to dismiss those elements of human culture he appreciates, however. He is really an authoritarian/humanist in the vein of Plato, Wells, Marx, Hegel, but with an inversion of Cartesian anthropocentrism thrown in which gives a slightly different focus. Not really an ally, unless he moves towards more libertarian/anarchistic waters in future. For all Zerzan’s wackiness, at least he is pretty resolute in his anti-authoritarianism.

    Linkola-fans should eventually gravitate to the far more interesting John Gray (esp. Straw Dogs), and Edward Abbey, one of the founding figures of ‘deep-ecology’ as well as being an anarchist. Teddy Goldsmith was also an interesting figure, an anti-capitalist Tory who once spoke with Alain de Benoist’s GRECE.

  9. The first people on your list are fascists…TOTALLY NOT A FASCIST.

    “Refugees from Political Correctness” Imagine being this much of a fragile crybaby that you literally call yourself a refugee for getting triggered by feminists.

    • That’s a rather broad use of the term “fascist.” Not even Alexander Reid-Ross defines fascism that broadly.

      ““Refugees…” Obviously, a hyperbolic metaphor.

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