PETA Pisses Off the PC Crowd

Read all about it. This is like some kind of parody. We get introduced to newer PC terms like “slut shame,” “fat shame,” “lesbophobic,” along with the rising star “transphobic” and, of course, the veteran warhorse of “RACIST.” We’re also invited to ponder such deep and meaningful questions as to the role of race in the decision to wear fur. I’ve never been a PETA fan by any means, but my sympathies for them just shot way up.

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  1. I haven’t had this much fun since the “racist” Clintonites battled the “sexist” Obamaniacs.

    PETA is following the correct strategy, of course. As several White racialist blogs have discussed recently, you win the social struggle not by “defeating” your opponents with “arguments” but by capturing positions of high social prestige. Peter Singer can bloviate all he wants but people will wear fur until they’re convinced it makes them “look like a fat black woman from Detroit.”

    Linguistic slipperiness is typical of Liberals. Remember how the Clintons went from civil rights crusaders to racists? How Bill fumed about “all they did for those people.” Now Aretha Franklin goes from struggling female artist to Bigfoot. Once the “Queen of Soul” to those self-hating Ann Arborites of The Big Chill to some fat bitch at Walmart.

    The [Liberal] revolution always eats its own!

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