Updated News Digest February 13-14, 2010

Why Read the Sunday Papers When You Can Read AttacktheSystem.Com!

Community Organizing and National-Anarchism presentation by Andrew Yeoman

Tribal Anarchism Video Series Parts One, Two, Three, Four

United Anarchism Vs United Nationism 

Fall of the New World Order

The Tyranny of “Tolerance”: Resist Politically Correct Fascism to the Death!!!

Quotes of the Week:

“Kirk called conservatism ‘the conservation of a particular people at a particular place at a particular time.’  While I don’t generally call myself a conservative, there’s a good deal of value here.  Yet I don’t share the paleos’ commitment to particularity to the point of denying abstraction outright.  Some principles are unconditionally valid.  Yet they apply differently to different peoples (and persons) at different places and different times.  For instance, one may be an anarchist (or socialist or small-d democrat, etc.) and take this to be an unconditional value, but only an idiot (though there are certainly plenty of these) would say we have to model anarchy in 21st century America strictly on the basis of Civil War era Spain.  I suppose this is largely the point of tribal anarchy, panarchy and “anarchism without adjectives.”

                                                                                     -Ruhollah James

“After almost ten years of Americans whining about 9/11 [something that happens in the rest of the world almost weekly, usually due to American or American-financed bombing], lately amplified by the shrill, effeminate shrieks of Bloomboig’s New Yoikers about the “terra-trial” [held quite successfully and safely in London and Madrid], how refreshing to hear the words of “The Hero of the XXth Century” [Yockey]: ” I owe my life to pure chance. What difference does it make if I sit or stand?

                                                                                              -James J. O’Meara

It Is Now Official: The U.S.A. Is a Police State by Paul Craig Roberts

Secession Is in the Air by Kirkpatrick Sale

Secessionist Sentiment Is Rising by Pat Buchanan

Wars Sending U.S. Into Ruin by Eric Margolis

Left Behind: Liberals Get a War President of Their Very Own by Murray Polner

The Hypocrisy of Politically Correct Vermont Neoliberals by Thomas Naylor

That Magical Water’s Edge by Kevin Carson

Nullification, Secession, and the Human Scale of Political Order by Josh Eboch

Nullification and Interposition by Clyde Wilson

What Has “The Union” Ever Done for Colorado? It’s Time for Secession! by Mark Crovelli

Secession: A Solution to the Washington, D.C. Debt Threat by Ron Holland

I Don’t Mean to Say I Told You So, But…. by Stephen Walt

The Orange Revolutions, Peeled by Justin Raimondo

The Bosnian Threat to the Empire by Nebojsa Malic

Destabilizing Pakistan: Echoes of Cambodia by Pratap Chatterjee and Tom Engelhardt

Obama Surge Driving Thousands From Their Homes by Chris Floyd

Obama, the War President by Helen Thomas

The Terror-Industrial Complex by Chris Hedges

Where Has the Antiwar Movement Gone? by Ryan Jaroncyk

Another Election Goes the Wrong Way for Uncle Sam by Neil Clark

Repeating Pentagon Lies Over Gitmo Recidivism by Andy Worthington

AP Article Fuels Iran War Hysteria by Jason Ditz

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il Makes Denuclearization Pledge by Jon Hershkovitz and Ben Blanchard

The Media’s Tall Tales Over Iraq by Brendan O’Neill

Fear of Peace Will Be the Death of Israel by Bradley Burston

The Apartheid Will End When Israelis Have to Face Its Costs by Tony Karon

The Lessons of Iraq Have Been Ignored-The Target Is Now Iran by Seumas Milne

The Middle East No Longer Matters by Jay Hatheway

Why Does Sarah Palin Want More War? by Karen Kwiatkowski

Same Empire, Different Emperor by Laurence Vance

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Think Things Through by William Norman Grigg

Middle-Class Rage by Jack Douglas

The Financial Crisis Versus Students by Christian Eubank and Peter Schiff

You Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in the Police State of America by Declan McCullagh

Out of the Mouths of Our New World Order Masters by David Kramer

The Green Gestapo Is Here by William Norman Grigg

Global Depression: The Real Problems Will Start in Japan by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The Role of the Organic Homo by James J. O’Meara (see related commentary by Alisdair Clarke and Keith Preston)

Remembering Plaxico by Manuel Lora

Guns, ID Cards, Weed: Nullification Is on the Rise by Michael Boldin

Obama, Hands Off China: Get Your Own House in Order by Chris Clancy

CIA Abets in the Murder of Christian Missionary by David Kramer

Cop Does a Good Deed by William Norman Grigg

Feds Attempt Espionage Into Internet Viewing Habits of Citizens by David Kramer

The Kid, the Pimp, and the Spineless Media by Kelley B. Vlahos

Some Thoughts for the Coming Year and Beyond by Kevin Carson

You Must Be This Tall to Overthrow the Government by Roderick Long

News Flash: “We No Longer Control Our Government” by Kevin Carson

Give the Commons Back to the People by Francois Tremblay

Tea Partiers Versus Ron Paul by Brian Doherty

The Bankrupt PIGS of Europe by Pat Buchanan

Anarchism and Voluntary Cooperation by Barefoot Bum

An Anarchist’s Strategy to Dismiss Every Foreclosure in Florida from Matt Weidner

Visiting a Modern Day Slave Plantation an interview with Nancy A. Heitzeg

Crime Pays: How NYC Bosses Rob the Working Poor by Michelle Chen

Property Is Theft?  from Infoshop.Org

Institutionalizing Howard Zinn by Ralph Nader

LaGuardia and the Truth About Marijuana by Fred Gardner

Sarah Palin’s Lapel Pin by Stonewall

The Secret to Long Life: “Right Tribe” by Christopher Donovan

The State Is a Deadly Virus by Butler Shaffer

Who Shows Up at Tea Partys? by James Ostrowski

Secession: The Ignorance of Chris Matthews by Thomas DiLorenzo

Sarah Palin Drinks the Neocon Kool-Aid by Lew Rockwell

PIG Jokes About Murdering Citizens Exercising Their Right to Bear Arms by William Norman Grigg

How to Beat the War Party by Justin Raimondo

Liberty Versus Patriotism by Ivan Eland

America’s Veterans: The Anatomy of Homelessness by Monica Nilsson

The Mythical Potency of Terrorism Fear-Mongering by Glenn Greenwald

Leon Wieseltier, Anti-Semitism, And Israel by Daniel Luban

Bombs Away: Conservatives Embrace War by Doug Bandow

Specks and Beams in U.S. Foreign Policy by Jacob Hornberger

 Lebanon Backs Hezbollah Against Israel by Jason Ditz

Obama Copying Bush-Era Detention Policies by Thomas Eddlem

The Cold War Is History by Doug Bandow

Obama’s Green Police by Norvell Rose

“Yes, I Can Break the Law: I’m a PIG, Damn It!!” by William Norman Grigg

Loyalty Test by Lew Rockwell

PIGS Steal Private Arms Collection by William Norman Grigg

Are First Amendment Rights Also Natural Rights? by James Leroy Wilson

The State As Absentee Owner  by Francois Tremblay

Can the Real Estate Predators Fight Off the Oil Company Predators? by Paul Craig Roberts

Books 2 Prisoners: Volunteer Program Connects Prisoners with Reading Materials from Infoshop.Org

The Battle for Marjah by Patrick Cockburn

The R.E.A.L. Ghost Busters from The Occidental Quarterly

The Weathervane as Metaphor by Justin Raimondo

Talking Our Way Out of Afghanistan by Jeff Huber

The Obama Disarmament Paradox by Greg Mello

Paul Goodman Essay Contest (hat tip to Joel Schlosberg)

Never Heard of the Pearcy Massacre? by Nicholas Stix

This Is What Muslim Children Are Taught in Britain 

Hispanic Gangs Ethnically Cleansing Black Neighborhoods in L.A. by Brenda Walker

Does Harvard Hate White People? by Paul Craig Roberts

Troops Randomly Patrol Streets in Pittsburgh, Respond to “Domestic Disputes” from PrisonPlanet.Com

Taxes an Unnecessary Compromise on Marijuana by Thomas Knapp

Obama: Enemy of the Working Class by Sheldon Richman

Indications of Open-Source Economy by John Robb

Obama Takes a Blue Pencil to the Bill of Rights by A. Barton Hinkle

The President’s Power to Kill Citizens by Philip Giraldi

Torture Is a Crime, Not a State Secret by Matthew Harwood

In the Land of the Stoner Cops by Nir Rosen

The Goat in the  Clearing  by Alexander Cockburn

The Economic Velociraptors by Andrew Cockburn

The Taliban Isolated Bin Laden by Gareth Porter

That Which Cannot Be Spoken by William Blum

I Cut My Hair, But I’m Not a Terrorist by Dave Lindorff

Obama’s Drug War Budget: Looking a Lot Like Bush’s by Bill Piper

The Erotic Theater of the Mind by Dr. Susan Block

Politics, Corruption, and El Salvador by Charles R. Larson

Kevin Carson and Richard Stallman Discuss Intellectual Property from Infoshop.Org

 Help Noam Chomsky Find His Inner Anarchist by Roderick Long

Pericles and the Athenian Ideal, Part One by Troy Southgate

The Persecution of Kevin MacDonald by Greg Johnson

Heidegger “The Nazi” Part One by Michael O’Meara

Heidegger “The Nazi” Part Two by Michael O’Meara

Heidegger “The Nazi” Part Three by Michael O’Meara

A Warning to the Tea Party Nation by Chuck Baldwin

“The Italians were called wops, the Jews were called hymies, I was of course a greaseball, and every Hispanic was a spic. Well, we all got along famously! It was rough, but it was fine.”

                                                                -Taki Theodoracopulos

American Third Position Party Chairman William D. Johnson interviewed by Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Modern Feudalism and the Persistent Threat of Totalitarianism Michael Kleen interviewed by Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Lock the Bush Team in Prison Francis Boyle interviewed by Scott Horton

Helping Iraqi Children Injured by U.S. Aggression Cole Miller interviewed by Scott Horton

We Who Dare Say No to War Murray Polner interviewed by Scott Horton

Free Speech Is Dead Brendan O’Neill interviewed by Scott Horton

On Agrarianism by Matthew Raphael Johnson

“The “clash of civilizations” is, in a very literal sense, a clash of God and Mammon. The Islamic revolutionaries are driven by a fanatical devotion to their god and the promises they believe he has made to them if only they take up arms on his behalf. The nations of the West are driven by an almost as fanatical devotion to Mammon, that is, to wealth, luxury, power, pleasure and privilege. Further, the culture of the West combines this unabashedly materialist ethos with rejection of strength and discipline in favor of a maternalistic emphasis on health, safety, “sensitivity”, “self-esteem”, “potential”, “personal growth”, “getting in touch with one’s inner child”, “feelings” and other concepts common to pop culture psychobabble. Of course, the socio-cultural ramifications of this is to create a society of weaklings, mediocrities and crybabies.”

                                                                                                   -Keith Preston

Fistful of Love by Black Oak Arkansas with Ruby Starr

Baby, I’m Amazed by Ruby Starr

Levity Ball by Alice Cooper (1968)

This Is the Day by Captain Beefheart

Big Eyed Beans From Venus by Captain Beefheart

This Ain’t the Summer of Love by Blue Oyster Cult

Junior’s Eyes by Black Sabbath (with Savoy Brown’s Dave Walker on vocals)

Man on the Silver Mountain by Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (with Ronnie James Dio on vocals)

Oh No by Frank Zappa

Oh no
I don’t believe it
You say that you think you know
The meaning of love
You say love is all we need
You say
With your love you can change
All of the fools
All of the hate
I think you’re probably
Out to lunch

Oh no
I don’t believe it
You say that you think you know
The meaning of love
Do you really think it can be told?
You say that you really know
I think
You should check it again
How can you say
What you believe
Will be the key to a
World of love?

All your love –
Will it save me?
All your love –
Will it save the world
From what we can’t understand
Oh no
I don’t believe it

(Commentary from Maury2k)

Sarah Palin as Rock Star 

Overpopulation Is More Than Just a Third World Thing 

Billy Ayers Fraud Revisited

George W. Bush: Miss Me Yet? Hell, No!! 

When the Immigration Debate Gets Mean 

Once Upon a Time in Europe 

(hat tip to Chris Donnellan for the following links)

Life is war and conflict, struggle and strife, from conception till death…Never shall the lion lie down peacefully with the lamb…”

Why are those who espouse Univeral Love, Tolerance, and ‘Human Brotherhood,’ usually the most screwed up people you’ve ever met, socially and emotionally? Not to mention some of the nastiest and most self-centered narcissists around?”                                                                                   

                                                                                                  -Chris Donnellan

Japan: The Despised Ainu People

Eva Peron 

The Least Trusted Banks in America 

Futurism In Russia 

Ten False Flags That Changed the World 

How TV Frames the Working Class 

The American Ruling Class 

Supply Side Economics for the Wealthy 

The Myth of Free Markets 

Ralph Nader: How Corporations Gained Control of the U.S. 

Ralph Nader: The Negative Effects of “Free” Trade 

14 Percent of U.S. Adults are Illiterate 

 Man Attacks TVs in Wal-Mart 

New Research Rejects 80-Year-Theory of “Primordial Soup” As the Origin of Life 

The World Capital of Killing 

U.S. Budget Priorities 

Crowd Psychology and Manipulation 

An Enquiring Curmudgeon Wants to Know 

(hat tip to Andrew Yeoman for the following links)

“What You Believe is Not as Important as What You Do.”

                                                                                                  -Andrew Yeoman

Ten Most Incredible Abandoned Mental Asylums 

Police State in King, North Carolina ?

Tel Aviv Cult Leader Enslaves Women 

Democrats Are Dropping Like Flies 

John Mayer: Weenie 

Subversive Groups Must Now Register in South Carolina 

Sexist Vintage Ads 

Dumb Bitch Kills Kitten in Oven: Taunts Animal Rights Protestors 

Sex Statistics at Woman’s Day 

Hitler Toy Breaks German Law 

Military Men Take Part in Extreme Jungle Survival Training 

Comic Book Collector Jailed for Six Months 

Race and Gender of Judges Make Enormous Difference in Rulings 

A Nation of Sheep, Ruled by Wolves, Owned by Pigs

The Revolution Within Anarchism 

Forty Years in the Wilderness? 

Liberty and Populism: Building An Effective Resistance Movement for North America

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat

National Anarchy and the American Idea

Don’t Talk to the Police

“The king is most wounded by ridicule.” -Thomas Hobbes

Improved Gadsden Flag - DONT TREAD ON ANYONE

Free Sex With Coupon 

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