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11/20/23: Potential Hostage Deal Reached, Israel Friendly Fire On Oct 7th, IDF Reveals New Al-Shifa Evidence, US Freaks Over Israel Southern Offensive, Bin Laden Letter Goes Viral, Advertisers Flee Twitter After Elon Post, Sam Altman OpenAI Chaos, Democrat Says Biden Doomed In Michigan

Krystal and Emily discuss a potential hostage deal between Israel and Hamas, Netanyahu advisor denies fault for child casualties, Israel claims to have found Hamas tunnels under Al Shifa, Israel gears up for southern offensive, Bin Laden letter goes viral on TikTok, advertisers flee Twitter after controversial Elon post, Sam Altman OpenAI chaos, CNN interview on civilians in Gaza goes off the rails, and Nasser Beydoun joins to discuss Biden’s 2024 weaknesses.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:39)BREAKING: Hostage DEAL For Pause Reached? (12:08)REPORT: Friendly Fire Killed “Some” Israelis At Oct 7 Rave (26:14)IDF REVEALS New al-Shifa Tunnel Evidence (36:36)US FREAKS Over Israel Attacks on South Gaza (54:55)Viral PANIC As Bin Laden Letter Spreads on TikTok (1:15:30)Advertisers FLEE X After Elon Praises “AntiSemitic” Conspiracy (1:30:26)AI CHAOS as Sam Altman Sacked At OpenAI (1:42:30)CNN Guest’s Genocidal Take Goes Unchallenged (1:55:28)Dem Candidate: Biden “DOOMED” in Michigan (2:09:00)End Of Show

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