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How Israel is Leading the US Into World War III

By Jose Nino

Have you seen the latest e-drama with Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro? It’s pretty entertaining, and for once, there is a clear signal amid the noise here.

But it’s not just the Zionist grip on the American right that’s weakening. The entire Zionist project itself could be cracking.

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Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, a scholar of Russian Orthodox history and philosophy, agrees with me that Israel may not make it to its centennial in 2048.

Our conversation goes even deeper, asking what follows an “institutional breakdown from within” Israel. Is it possible that a “new Khazaria movement” is afoot in Ukraine?

“You can’t get away from the use of white phosphorous, you can’t get away with mass starvation and the blockade of people, you know, babies, who have nothing to do with this,” Johnson remarked on the podcast, supporting the increasingly common notion that Israel isn’t on a sustainable path.

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I say this with all modesty, that you should probably strongly consider binging the El Nino Speaks podcast. The next most recent episode with Rose Pinochet is another knockout.

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“When you keep getting the same story over and over again, it’s a problem,” Pinochet tells me. “So, it’s kind of why I focused on all the dictators and their adjacent writings.”

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