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Abby Martin Exposes The TRUTH About Gaza

Thanks for joining us for another week of KK&F. Episode 151 with Abby Martin brings you in-depth updates on the ongoing genocide in occupied Palestine. Abby tells the harrowing story of people fighting for survival, making the heartbreaking choice to stay in their homeland and face death, and losing entire generations of their family to Israeli bombings. We also talk about the terms in which this genocide is being framed — analyzing rhetoric that paints young children and innocent civilians as terrorists. Watch below:

Generations of Palestinian families have been wiped off the map. People choosing to stay in their homes in the North have been labeled terrorists and warned to flee. The IDF is bombing the convoys of those who follow their orders to leave. And yet there is hardly international consensus among the ruling elite that what’s unfolding in Gaza is a genocide. As massive protests like the one that stopped traffic on the Bay Bridge continue to unfold all over the world, the failures of congressional representatives to represent the views of their constituents and back a ceasefire have become more and more pronounced. So much, we might say, for democracy.

Abby walks us through fascinating shifts in popular opinion among Israelis over the past few generations of occupation, giving us insight into why the latest generation of Israelis holds more conservative views than those that came before. From her own experience on the ground doing reporting work, Abby saw how difficult it would be to hold anti-Zionist views as an Israeli citizen, and suggests that young people who take issue with the occupation are more likely to leave. The reality of life in occupied Palestine, as she describes it, is one in which extremist Zionist civilians are armed, Palestinians live in regular danger, and the Israelis bearing witness to these atrocities are fully aware of what’s going on.

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