EU Tyranny, Globalism, WW3…I’m Not Afraid of the Future!

Mario Bojić: EU Tyranny, Globalism, WW3…I’m Not Afraid of the Future!

Host of the Mario Zna Podcast in Serbia Mario Bojić discusses the tyranny of the EU, the tyranny of globalism, and how Serbia is the loudest anti-globalist nation in Europe. He feels many people are learning the truth and that Croats, Serbs, and others are coming together and getting a picture of the true enemy. He talks about the advance of the Algorithm Ghetto and believes it would take 200 years to implement in places like Serbia. Washington opened the gates of hell in 1999 and that’s when WW3 began. He expects the deep state to do something crazy in America during the election year. He is not afraid of the future!

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