Ep 139: Will Israel end up like East Prussia? Ft. Keith Preston.

The Mindcrime Liberty Show is joined by Keith Preston to discuss the long term status of Israel by using East Prussia as an analogy. East Prussia used to exist as a major port and was one of the causes of the German invasion of Poland but now is Polish/Russian Federation territory with hardly any German inhabitants. Will Israel cease to exist in this fashion? Is Israel dependent on the US for its military position and what is the long term trajectory of that support considering that the US is taking a moderate isolationist turn as Zeihan describes? Despite that support, does the US paradoxically “restrain” Israel? Is the Samson nuclear option a genuine threat? Can Israel maintain internal cohesion considering Netanyahu’s unpopularity as well as the fact that significant numbers of Orthodox practitioners view the state as incompatible with scripture and refuse to serve in the military?

Categories: Geopolitics

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