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11/13/23: US Warns Israel Seeks Regional War, Krystal and Saagar Debate Israel Hospital Tactics, Israeli Minister Plans Nakba 2023, Elon Warns Of Terror Blowback, Ukraine Admits Blowing Up Nordstream, NYC Mayor FBI Raid, Real Estate Industry Free Fall, Elites Caught In High End Brothel

Krystal and Saagar discuss US warning that Israel is pushing toward a regional war in the Middle East, we discuss the tactics of the Israeli military attacks on Al Shifa Hospital, Elon warns of terror blowback, Ukraine admits to blowing up the Nordstream pipeline, NYC Mayor Eric Adams is raided by the FBI in a Turkish corruption scheme, the Real Estate industry in free fall after 1.8 billion fine, and a ‘high end’ brothel raid reveals politicians and military members gave their personal information to join.

(00:00)Intro (2:26)US Warns Israel Pushing Regional War (18:55)Krystal And Saagar DEBATE Israel Hospital Tactics (45:23)Israeli Minister Plan: TOTAL Gaza Ethnic Cleansing (1:00:27)Elon WARNS Of Terror Blowback From Israel Killing Civilians (1:06:59)Ukraine ADMITS To Blowing Up Nordstream (1:18:56)NYC Mayor RAIDED By FBI In TURKISH Corruption Investigation (1:26:38)Real Estate Industry IN FREE FALL After 1.8 Billion Fine (1:34:51)’HIGH END BROTHEL RAID’: Politicians, Military CAUGHT (1:45:04)EoS

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