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11/8/23: Abortion And Weed Win In Ohio, Youngkin Humiliated In Virginia Elections, Tlaib Censured For Palestine Support, Zelensky Begs For Credit From US, RFK Surges In 2024 Swing States, And Third GOP Debate Preview

Ryan and Emily discuss abortion and weed winning in Ohio, McConnell ally goes down in Kentucky, Youngkin humiliated in Virginia, Rashida Tlaib censured over pro-Palestine statements, Zelensky begs for credit promising to pay back the US, shocking poll has RFK surging in swing states, and Ryan and Emily preview the third GOP debate tonight.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:50)Abortion, Weed DOMINATE In Red Ohio Election (11:25)McConnell Stooge FLOPS In Kentucky Gov Race (18:30)Youngkin HUMILIATED In Virginia Dem Sweep (37:34)Tlaib CENSURED As Congress EXPLODES Over Palestine (1:01:23)Zelensky BEGS For Credit ‘We Will Give You Back Money!’ (1:12:27)SHOCK POLL: RFK SURGES To 24% In Swing States (1:25:47)Ryan and Emily PREVIEW Pointless GOP Debate (1:37:30)End Of Show

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