Peter Zeihan: Power Struggles from Israel to the US Election

How does the Hamas attack and Israel’s retaliation change the geopolitical landscape from here? @ZeihanonGeopolitics answers… Geopolitical strategist and author Peter Zeihan joins Maggie Lake to unpack the complex geopolitical landscape. They look at the most recent developments in Israel and how this could impact the Russia-Ukraine war, discuss where China stands amid Middle East tensions, and explore how technology is changing the face of global warfare. Elevate your brand with Real Vision. Connect with us at to explore advertising possibilities.

CHAPTERS 1 What Scenarios Should We Be Considering Around the Situation in Israel? 00:24 2 Is the Ability and the Will in the US to Be Powerbrokers Diminishing? 0:10:11 3 How Does This Affect Energy? 0:21:08 4 The Knock-On Effects on the Russia-Ukraine War 0:29:10 5 How Is Technology Changing the Face of Warfare? 0:36:36 6 The Financial Costs to the US and the 2024 Presidential Election 0:41:39 7 Immigration Policies and Demographics 0:48:30 8 Is China a Weakened State? 0:58:34 9 On the Possibility of Nuclear Conflict 01:03:58 10 What Are You Most Focused on Right Now? 01:10:21

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