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11/6/23: US Sends Nuclear Sub To Middle East, Israeli Minister Calls To “Nuke Gaza”, Obama Nonsense On Israel, DC Protestors Reject Biden, Biden Losing Five Swing States, Secret Push For Russia Peace, Mint Budgeting Retired, Virginia Elections

Krystal and Saagar discuss the US sending a nuclear submarine to the Middle East as the Biden administration continues to be humiliated in it’s conversations with Israel, an Israeli Minister calls to “Nuke Gaza”, Obama speaks nonsense on the Israel Palestine crisis, the Breaking Points team hits the streets to get exclusive interviews with DC Protestors at the March for Palestine this weekend, NYTimes polling shows Trump destroying Biden in 5 swing states, Biden secretly pushes Zelensky for peace with Russia, TurboTax makers nuke Mint Budgeting app, and Krystal previews the upcoming elections in Virginia.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:27)Us Sends Nuclear Sub To Middle East (25:29)Israeli Minister: ‘NUKE GAZA’ (36:27)Obama Spews NONSENSE On Israel, Palestine (45:19)DC Protestors REJECT Biden Vote Over Palestine (1:00:14)Trump DESTROYING Biden In FIVE Swing States (1:13:54)Biden Secretly Pushes Peace with Russia (1:24:49)TurboTax Maker NUKES Mint Budgeting (1:33:08)Krystal PREVIEWS BELLWEATHER Virginia Elections (1:49:04)EoS

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