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10th Amendment vs. the US-Israel Relationship

By Jose Nino

Fellow tax-payer,

Surprise, surprise! Would you have guessed it? US Special Forces are in Gaza under combat roles (reportedly for hostage rescue only) as an integral part of Israel’s ongoing war.

Count your blessings, citizen. Your (coerced) support for the Jewish State benefits America First! First in line for doling out foreign aid, for receiving newly created refugees, and for gaining a freshly expanding warfront to defend diversity, equity, and inclusion (hello, Iran!).

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What is the actual solution to this madness? Are there steps we can take now? Absolutely there are.

Without giving up on federal races, it’s more important than ever that America Firsters put those in the proper perspective. What’s truly needed now is pursuing solutions at the state-level.

Yes, states can have an impact on foreign policy, just as much as foreign policy impacts states now.

As I wrote for the American Free Press, “State enforcement of immigration policy is not a novel concept. From the nation’s founding until 1876, the very year the Supreme Court issued its Chy Lung v. Freeman decision, states and localities had the power to kick out immigrants based on desirable traits or lack thereof.”

America First should use the states first wherever they have the edge up on the feds. With immigration, the case is clear which level is best suited for law and order.

Take back the ground lost in centralization during the 20th century. Act local.

Talk soon,


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