The Last Stages of Capitalism, Guest on Armenia-Azerbaijan, Meir Kahane, Soft Zionism

00:00 intro 4:50 confusion on what communists advocate 7:42 Imperialism= Capitalism in its monopoly stage 14:20 Destructive Accumulation 24:21 Wellfare State = Mechanism to Stabilise Capitalism 26:23 Shoe-RT on Armenia/Azerbaijan 30:09 Turkey, pro-Israel 31:11 Morality Police Riots, Azeri Nationalists 40:00 Dutch Politics 41:51 more on Artsakh 47:10 Roll Call 49:43 JDL Jewish terrorists, NY >1968 1:00:17 Soft Zionism 1:05:13 Workers World Party Leadership is Jewish 1:13:12 Folks being Broke is a Business Model 1:14:35 Yemeni Armed Forces against Israel

Categories: Geopolitics

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