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Your Tax Dollars Are Funding The Genocide Of Palestinians

Episode 148 with Omar Baddar

For weeks now, the world has been watching as Israel bombards Gaza in an all-out genocide of the Palestinian people. Tomorrow should see a massive crowd gather in downtown Washington D.C. for the biggest U.S. Free Palestine rally to date. Working-class people across the globe have taken to the streets to protest their governments’ support of ethnic cleansing in Palestine and to show solidarity with Palestinians. Meanwhile, our leaders — Biden above all — continue to show solidarity with Netanyahu and his regime of death. Our tax dollars are funding genocide. What can we do about it? Watch our conversation about this conflict with guest Omar Baddar below:

Few members of Congress have had the tenacity and the moral compass to oppose massive funding for Israel’s genocide. Just today, the House passed a bill allocating $14.3 billion in funding to Israel, with twelve Democrats voting in favor. Meanwhile, recent reporting from the Intercept testifies to how pro-Palestine voices within the Democratic Party — especially those of Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush — have been met with strong opposition from the party establishment. Progressive standard-bearers like Bernie Sanders have fallen sadly short of calling out human rights abuses and demanding a ceasefire. The current response from Congress toward the mass murder of Palestinians tells us everything we need to know about whose side our government is on, and it’s not the side of everyday people in Palestine or America.

Watch our interview with Omar for more in-depth discussion of Israel’s siege on Gaza, the international response, and growing grassroots organizing to call for a ceasefire. You can listen to this episode as a podcast when it’s released tomorrow on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, and more.

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