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11/2/23: US Plans Troops In Gaza, Biden Panics As West Bank Explodes, Republican Says There Are No Innocent Palestinians, Zelensky Called Dictator By Former Aide, Poll Shows RFK JR Surge, Tesla Freaks After UAW Wins, Biden Arab Support Plummets

Krystal and Saagar discuss secret plans to have US troops occupy Gaza, Biden panics as West Bank explodes, Republican denies existence of innocent Palestinians, Zelensky called a dictator by former aide, poll shows RFK Jr support surging, Tesla and Toyota freak after UAW wins, Biden support among Arab Americans plummet.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:09)BREAKING: Secret US, Israeli Plan Has US TROOPS Occupying Gaza (23:13)US Citizens STILL TRAPPED Inside Gaza Despite Promises (40:53)Biden PANICS As West Bank On Verge Of REVOLT (54:16)US Congressman: NO INNOCENT PALESTINIANS (1:04:54)Lying ‘DICTATOR’ Zelensky Called By Former Aide (1:16:29)SHOCK POLL: Can RFK Jr Actually WIN? (1:24:34)Tesla, Toyota FREAK After Autoworker Wage Wins (1:30:44)Biden PLUMMETS With Arab American Support (1:45:11)End Of Show

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