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11/1/23: Israel Bombs Refugee Camp, Yemen Launches Attacks On Israel, Biden’s Doubt Of Gaza Casualty Numbers Exposed, West Bank Settler Violence Explodes, Key Abortion And Weed Elections, Hawley Moves To Overturn Citizens United, And Rand Paul Joins To Discuss His New Book On Covid Origins

Ryan and Emily discuss Israel admitting they bombed a Gaza refugee camp, Yemen escalates attacks on Israel, Ryan exposes Biden’s lies on Gaza Health Ministry credibility, West Bank settler violence explodes, key elections coming up on weed and abortions, Josh Hawley pushes to overturn Citizens United, and Rand Paul joins to discuss his new book on the origins of Covid.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:30)Israel Admits They Bombed Refugee Camp On CNN (14:02)Houthis Escalate Israel Attacks As US Fears Broader War (20:15)Ryan Exposes Biden’s Lies On Gaza Death Toll (38:43)Settler Violence Explodes In West Bank (49:14)Abortion And Weed On The Ballot In Key Elections (1:09:46)Josh Hawley Angers McConnell Over Citizens United (1:20:46)Rand Paul On Covid Origins, Israel Blowback (1:43:18)End Of Show

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