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10/31/23: Bibi Rejects Ceasefire and Resignation, New Hostages Video, Leaked Doc Reveals Empty Gaza Strip Plan, Speaker Wants IRS Cuts For Israel Aid, Ukraine Admits Stealing, Surveillance On College Campuses, Iowans Sour On Vivek, PBD Confronts DeSantis Heels, Gili Roman Brother Of Israeli Hostage

Krystal and Saagar discuss Netanyahu rejecting calls for ceasefire and resignation, Hamas puts out a new hostage video, Leaked docs reveal Israeli plan to empty Gaza strip, New Speaker puts out plan to cut IRS funding for Israel Aid, Ukraine admits to “stealing like there’s no tomorrow”, Biden admin to unleash surveillance on protests at college campuses, New Polls show Iowans souring on Vivek, the PBD podcast confronts DeSantis over his High Heels, and we’re joined in studio by Gili Roman a brother of the Israeli hostages to talk about his story, Netanyahu, Palestinian Rights, and Peace.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:39)Bibi REJECTS CEASEFIRE, Resignation (27:59)Hamas Puts Out NEW Hostage Video (34:32)Plan To Empty Gaza Strip (49:46)New Speaker CUTS IRS Funding For Israel Aid (56:04)Ukraine Admits ‘STEALING LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW’ (1:06:31)Biden Unleashes Surveillance On College Campuses For ‘Hate Speech’ (1:16:27)NEW POLL: Iowans SOUR On Vivek Ramaswamy (1:21:10)PBD CONFRONTS DeSantis Over High Heel Allegations (1:31:43)Brother Of Israeli Hostages Speaks Out (1:57:44)EoS

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