Is the New Speaker an America First Win?

By Jose Nino

There’s still no House speaker nearly a month since McCarthy was expelled. Is it any loss to the America First movement that Rep. Jim Jordan failed to succeed him? Not in the slightest.

I let out a sigh of relief when Jordan lost his bid. Anyone who’s been in this game long enough (even just a couple election cycles), knows that the authentic American Right (contra Con, Inc.) has too much grassroots work left to complete before standing in the victor’s circle.

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It’s not that time is necessarily on our side, but our momentum would suffer if a Pyrrhic victory suddenly stole the attention of millions of disgruntled patriots. Capitalizing on political opportunity isn’t supposed to cost more than the benefit gained.

If you’re actually bummed out over the current prospects for a new House speaker by 2024, you’re just not gonna make it.

No, the right-wing grassroots shouldn’t waste another second on fixtures of the D.C. establishment dolled up in Tea Party-era cosmetics. And they should turn off the podcast, radio, or TV hosts still marching to that drum.

The opportunity at hand is not in Congress (yet). It’s in fostering parallel institutions and alternative media.

“Invade the world, invite the world” talk must be condemned sharply and loudly from the ground level to shake up the GOP and shake out its weak leadership.

America First will triumph only when it sets the terms for victory. Until then, it doesn’t matter what side you take on the establishment-approved issue of the day. Whether Israel or its Frankenstein’s monster in Hamas has the moral high ground is a side debate we can entertain after addressing the Zionist lobby here at home pushing us into war with Iran.

My article at American Free Press outlining how America First needs to capitalize on this moment and my appearance on the AFP Report explaining the implications of the Israel-Hamas conflict will help you clarify your own thoughts and get one step ahead of the GOP establishment.

Sharing those links might help someone else also take the proactive steps that are needed, so please keep the information flowing.

Take care,

José Niño

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