Israel-Palestine & the War on Hate, Genocide, & Terrorism

Attwood Unleashed 119: Who Really Runs the World?

Hrvoje Morić is interviewed on Attwood Unleashed, a weekly thought-provoking multi-hour broadcast with an eclectic range of guests hosted by Shaun Attwood and Stephen Knight and produced by Ash Meikle.

Henry Kopel: Israel-Palestine & the War on Hate, Genocide, & Terrorism

Henry Kopel discusses the war on hate and why some individuals and groups fall into violence, terrorism, and even genocide. Heavy indoctrination and incitement to hatred play an important role. The world is spinning away from modernity into a lot of us versus them dynamics. He uses the Milgram and Asch experiments as examples of how ordinary people can participate in atrocities. He discusses antisemitism and provides a brief overview of Islam and how it’s theology and different strains developed. He also comments on extremism among Jews or Israelis. One solution to look at when it comes to genocide is liberalization and democracy.

ANALYSIS: Azerbaijan & Armenia: Between a Peace Deal & a New War

If, in the coming weeks or months, Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev sign a peace treaty in any European capital, it will be a clear indication that Moscow has lost its influence in the South Caucasus. It is not a secret that the West and Turkey aim to crowd Russia out of the region.

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