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10/26/23: Maine Shooter On The Loose, Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza, 21 US Troops Injured, New Speaker’s Wild Past, Jamaal Bowman Fire Alarm Charge, NYT Disputes Hospital Strike, Al Jazeera Family Killed, Hollywood MeltsDown, Ford Folds To UAW, Martyrmade Host On Gaza Invasion

Krystal and Saagar discuss a mass shooter in Maine that’s on the loose after leaving at least 16 dead, Israeli tanks enter Gaza as Netanyahu declares Holy war, 21 US troops reported injured in Iraq and Syria attacks, we look into the New House Speaker’s wild past, Krystal and Saagar debate Jamaal Bowman as he’s charged with a misdemeanor for pulling the fire alarm, NYT disputes Hospital strike intel from Israel, Al Jazeera Gaza Chief’s family killed in Israel, Hollywood melts down with dueling Israel Palestine letters, and Ford folds to UAW demands in a historic contract.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:28)Maine Shooter On The Loose (5:20)Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza (25:31)21 US Troops INJURED In Iraq, Syria Attacks (39:53)New Speaker’s Wild Past (1:00:49)DEBATE: Jamaal Bowman CHARGED For Fire Alarm (1:06:41)HOSPITAL STRIKE: NYT Disputes US, Israel Intel (1:17:48)Al Jazeera Gaza Chief Family KILLED (1:26:38)Hollywood MELTS DOWN Over Israel Palestine (1:35:54)Ford FOLDS To UAW Demands With Historic Deal (1:47:12) EoS

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