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The Lighthouse: CRT Cooks the Books | Don’t Go to Harvard | How to Save Argentina

October 24, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter
Critical Race Theory in Data: What the Statistics Show

Phillip W. Magness (AIER)

What do the statistics show? That Critical Race Theory has been widespread in academia for at least a decade; that CRT proponents are finally getting the fierce blowback they deserve—and that they don’t like it. Their response? To cook the books on their own ugly history…. READ MORE »

The Hyperpoliticization of Higher Ed

Trends in Faculty Political Ideology, 1969–Present

The Independent Review, Winter 2022/23

Free Speech? Not on College Campuses

Richard K. Vedder (American Spectator)

This tech school in Michigan you’ve never heard of is better than Harvard. A lot better. READ MORE »

Restoring the Promise

Higher Education in America

By Richard K. Vedder

Drowning in Debt: Argentina’s Economic Quandary

Alvaro Vargas Llosa (The Beacon)

If you thought inflation was bad in the U.S., try Argentina. The peso has lost more than seventy percent of its value in twelve months. Solutions? Almost anything—just as long as the Argentines keep their politicians out of the money-supply business. (We should, too!) READ MORE »

Liberty for Latin America

How to Undo Five Hundred Years of State Oppression

By Alvaro Vargas Llosa

It’s Time to Dump the Peso and Dollarize Argentina

Steve H. Hanke, Emilio Ocampo (National Review)

With inflation at 250 percent, many Argentines have thrown their weight behind presidential candidate Javier Milei. Why? He promises to do officially what Argentines do every day: dump the peso and replace it with the U.S. dollar. It just might save the country. READ MORE »

Why Argentina Raised Interest Rate To 97%;
Economist Steve Hanke on the David Lin Report

Live Stream Event 10/31 | Dollarization: A Solution for Argentina’s Economy?

The Latest from The Beacon

Can a President Pardon Himself?

Jonathan Fuentes

“The Path We’re on Is Unsustainable”

Craig Eyermann

When Will the National Debt Burden Become Unsustainable?

Craig Eyermann

The Latest from Catalyst

Artificial Copper Demands Meet Artificial Bottlenecks

Paige Lambermont

Gun Control Advocates Ignore the Founding Fathers

Daniel Kowalski

Yes, Cities Can Still Achieve Public Order

Scott Beyer

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