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10/24/23: US Attacked In Syria, Top Generals Aiding Gaza Invasion, Hostage Family Demands Ceasefire, Tucker Says WW3 Imminent, Trump Claims Only Jesus Can Win Speaker Vote, CIA Behind Nordstream & Moscow Assassinations, Off Duty Pilot Attempts To Crash Plane, And Saagar Reviews Killers Of The Flower Moon

Saagar and Ryan discuss the US increasing military presence as attacks ramp up in the Middle East, US generals helping with the impending Gaza invasion, Israeli hostage families demanding a ceasefire, Tucker Carlson slams escalation to WW3, Trump says only Jesus can win GOP speaker vote, report confirms CIA behind Nordstream and Moscow assassinations, off duty pilot attempts to crash passenger plane, and Saagar reviews Killers Of The Flower Moon and the Taylor Swift Eras Tour.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:08)US Attacked In Syria As Tensions Escalate (14:21)TOP US General DESIGNING Israel Gaza Attack (24:08)Israeli Hostage Family DEMANDS Ceasefire (36:37)Tucker: Israel Gaza Attack GUARANTEES US Iran War (45:28)Trump: ONLY JESUS Could Win Speaker Fight (55:06)CONFIREMED: CIA Behind Nordstream, Moscow Assasinations (1:09:27)Off Duty Pilot Attempts CRASH Plane With 83 Aboard (1:15:50)Saagar REVIEWS Killer Of Flower Moon, Eras Tour (1:32:06)EOS

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