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10/23/23: US Military Preps For Iran War, Israel Rejects Hostage Release, Justin Amash Family Killed In Gaza, US Majority Rejects Sending Weapons, Gaza Military Nightmare, Sidney Powell Flips, Dave Chapelle Triggers Crowd On Israel

Krystal and Saagar discuss US military preps for Iran War, Israel rejects Hostage release, Justin Amash reveals his family was killed in Gaza Church Strike, shock polling shows US majority reject sending weapons to Israel, US warns of Gaza military nightmare if ground invasion occurs, Sidney Powell flips on Trump in GA case, and Dave Chapelle triggers the crowd at his recent live show with Israel Palestine takes.

Here are the Timestamps for today’s show: (00:00)Intro (1:50)US Preps For War With Iran (16:00)Israel REJECTS Hostage Release (23:00)Justin Amash Family KILLED In Gaza Church Strike (35:14)SHOCK POLL: Majority Rejects Weapons To Israel (44:06)IRAQ 2.0: US Warns Of Gaza Military NIGHTMARE (1:03:15)Sidney Powell FLIPS ON Trump In GA Case (1:16:19)Dave Chapelle TRIGGERS Crowd With Israel Palestine Take (1:27:26) EoS

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