Cenk Uygur takes on Joe Biden

Episode 146 with Cenk Uygur


We’re so glad to have you back for another weekly episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends. This episode is a new installment in our series of interviews with presidential hopefuls: TYT founder and co-host Cenk Uygur has announced a Democratic primary challenge to Joe Biden. Watch our interview with him below:

Cenk has made himself known as a key voice on the American left by developing The Young Turks into a major progressive media outlet. He’s also previously run for office (an unsuccessful bid for a congressional seat in California’s 25th district). Cenk’s presidential campaign was launched out of his sense of panic that Joe Biden is poised to lose to Donald Trump. Cenk hopes that his entry into the race will be successful enough to trigger other contenders into a Democratic primary so that voters might have the opportunity to select a more electable candidate.

In this episode, we chat with Cenk about the brass tacks of his presidential run: why he’s running, what policies and ideologies he’s representing, how his presidency would affect the lives of working Americans, and whether he has a credible path to the presidency. Is Biden certain to lose? What is the level of threat Trump poses to the country and is his political strength overestimated given his legal jeopardy? Why not throw in with Marianne Williamson who is already running to Biden’s left in an attempt to avert disaster? We get into this and much more over an extended conversation.

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