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10/19/23: Biden Secretly Pledges US To Any Israel-Hezbollah War, Jocko Sounds Off On Israel Tactics, New Evidence Gaza Hospital Explosion, Ukraine Israel Spending Package, Panel Debates Jim Jordan Next Speaker, RFK Jr Poll Kneecaps Trump, Dem Focus Group Savages Kamala

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden secretly pledging the US military to any Israel-Hezbollah War, Military expert Jocko sounds off on Israel military bombing tactics on a recent podcast, Americans in Gaza are stranded, new evidence emerges in Gaza Hospital explosion, Biden wants 100 Billion for Israel-Ukraine package, Ryan and Emily join for a panel on Jim Jordan as Speaker and a new poll showing RFK Jr. Kneecapping Trump, and finally we look at another clip from our recent BP focus group asking if Kamala Harris would be a good president.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:37)Biden Pledges US To Israel Hezbolah War (17:03)Jocko Sounds Off On Israel Tactics (31:00)American In Gaza STRANDED By Biden (39:59)NEW EVIDENCE Emerges In Gaza Hospital Explosion (59:04)Biden Wants 100 BILLION For Israel, Ukraine Wars (1:07:15)Panel Debates: Is Jim Jordan DEAD? (1:19:48)POLL Reveals RFK Jr KNEECAPS Trump (1:31:39)Dem Focus Group SAVAGES Kamala Harris (1:47:31)EoS

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