The Never-Ending Israel-Hamas Conflict


Diocletian, who, from a servile origin, had raised himself to the throne, passed the nine last years of his life in a private condition….[H]e had preserved, or at least he soon recovered, a taste for the most innocent as well as natural pleasures, and his leisure hours were sufficiently employed in building, planting, and gardening. His answer to Maximian is deservedly celebrated. He was solicited by that restless old man to reassume the reins of government, and the Imperial purple. He rejected the temptation with a smile of pity, calmly observing, that if he could show Maximian the cabbages which he had planted with his own hands at Salona, he should no longer be urged to relinquish the enjoyment of happiness for the pursuit of power.
Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire [1776]


October 17, 2023
C-SPAN Interview on An Encounter with Evil
At Freedom Fest last July, I had the honor of being interviewed by C-SPAN’s Book TV about my most recent book An Encounter with Evil: The Abraham Zapruder Story. It’s about a 20-minute-long interview. The interview is another good sign that interest in the JFK assassination is increasing among the mainstream media, especially as we approach the 60th anniversary of the assassination….
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Postcards from a Police State: 22 Years of Blowback from the USA Patriot Act by John and Nisha Whitehead
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Independent Institute
Holding Protest Leaders Liable for Others’ Violence Threatens First Amendment Rights
by Jacob Sullum
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Los Angeles Times
Why the CIA Lied About Its Knowledge of Oswald
by Jefferson Morley
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The Never-Ending Israel-Hamas Conflict
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U.S. Breaks Its Deal with Iran…Again
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The Problem Isn’t Free Trade
by Don Boudreaux
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On “Political Pathologies” and Practicing Medicine in the Borderlands
by Brian Elmore with Melissa del Bosque
Border Chronicle


You’re Not Allowed to Say That NATO Caused the War, Unless You Are NATO’s Secretary General
by Benjamin Abelow
There are two competing narratives about the origins of the Ukraine War. According to one narrative, Vladimir Putin is a Hitler-like aggressor. He wants to …
How Austrian Economics Impacted the Life of Mark Skousen
by Mark Skousen
Mark Skousen tells his personal story of how he discovered Austrian economics, the impact that it has …
Guns for Hire: America’s Crisis State Goes Global
by John W. Whitehead
From being a nation in a permanent state of emergency, America’s crisis state has gone global. The military industrial complex, which has…
Why No Price Controls to Deal with Inflation?
by John W. Whitehead
Pay no heed to the circus politics coming out of Washington DC. It’s just more of the same grandstanding by tone-deaf politicians…
Albert Jay Nock on “Doing the Right Thing” versus Government
by Richard M. Ebeling
It is almost 100 years since the libertarian essayist and social critic Albert Jay Nock (1870–1945) published his essay “On Doing the Right Thing” …
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