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10/18/23: Everything We Know About Gaza Hospital Bombing, Biden Shunned As Middle East Summit Collapses, Israel And Hamas Battle Over Hostages, Jim Jordan Flops On First Speaker Vote, Rashida Tlaib Attacks Biden On Israeli Policy, Putin And Xi Meet Amid Declining US Influence

Krystal and Emily discuss everything we know so far about the tragic Gaza hospital bombing, Biden shunned as Middle East summit collapses, Israel and Hamas battle over hostage negotiations, Jim Jordan faceplants on first house speaker vote, Democrats in civil war as Rashida Tlaib attacks Biden’s Israel policy, and US influence implodes as Putin and Xi hold important meeting.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (0:48)Gaza Hospital Bombing (21:32)Biden Shunned As Middle East Summit Collapses (35:42)Israel And Hamas Battle Over Hostages (44:00)Jim Jordan Flops In First Speaker Vote (56:33)Democrat Floats George Bush For Speaker (1:01:05)Dem Civil War As Tlaib Attacks Biden On Israel (1:14:55)Putin And Xi Meet Amid Declining US Influence (1:27:41)End Of Show

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