How War Leads to Insight

How War Leads to Insight

David Pan

As with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Hamas’s attack on Israel has led to a fundamental reassessment of the past and a revised conception of the future. Such transformations in our view of the world are an essential part of the experience of war. In some sense, war consists of a series of such collective shifts in perspective, and our Forms of War conference devoted a session to “War as Learning Experience.” In this video recording of the session, Russell Berman describes the way in which the Arab defeat against Israel in 1967 led at least one Arab writer, Sadik al-Azm, to reflect upon the reasons for the defeat and strategies for the future. Adrian Pabst discusses the prospects for a new Cold War, and I reflect upon the way in which war develops as a series of insights.
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Telos 203 (Summer 2023): The Manifold Foundations of Human Rights

Telos 203 (Summer 2023): The Manifold Foundations of Human Rights is now available at the Telos Press website.
The struggle for human rights, while beginning as a moral problem about our common responsibilities, can only be taken seriously when we consider its political ramifications. The crucial problem running through the essays in Telos 203 is the difficulty of establishing a unified foundation for human rights given the variety of cultural, legal, moral, and political perspectives that we find in the world regarding the question of how we relate to each other as humans. Three key themes dominate the discussions: the difficulty of balancing the commitment to the universality of human rights with a respect for cultural diversity, the centrality of individual conscience rather than legal determinations in the development of the habits and conventions of human rights, and the inevitably political nature of the human rights project.
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