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10/16/23: Water Runs Dry In Gaza As Hospitals Collapse, Biden Bumbles 60 Minutes, Arab States Erupt, Focus Group Debates Israel Gaza, Europeans Criminalize Protesting, Candace and Megyn Cancel Culture, Israelis Blame Bibi, MSNBC Benches Muslim Anchors, Reuters Journalist Killed By Israeli Strike

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Israel Gaza humanitarian criss deepening as water runs out and hospitals collapse, Biden bumbling in a 60 minutes interview on America’s involvement, Arab states erupting, our newest Breaking Points focus group where we ask Democratic voters about the situation on Israel-Gaza, Europeans criminalizing Palestinian protests, Candace Owens fights Megyn Kelly over Israel cancel culture, polls show Israelis blame Bibi for security failure, MSNBC benches their Muslim anchors after ADL comments, and Reuters can’t admit their own journalist was killed by an Israeli strike.

Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (1:43)Water running out, Hospitals collapsing (19:14)Biden bumbles 60 Minutes (34:49)BP Focus Group On Israel Gaza (44:18)Europeans criminalize Protesting (1:01:10)Candace Owens and Megyn Kelly Fight Over Cancel Culture (1:11:26)Poll Israeils Blame Bibi (1:20:58)MSNBC benches Muslim anchors (1:29:32)Reuters Journalist Killed by Israeli Strikes (1:48:05) EoS

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