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After Oil

Our October 30/November 6, 2023 Issue
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After Oil
The refinery in Richmond, Calif., employs 3,000 unionized workers—and it’s a major polluter. Can the activists trying to shut it down convince the workers they’re on the same side?
Hamas’s Shock Attack Should Spark Our Horror—and Our Questions
This appalling violence emerged within a context, and we need to understand that context in order to achieve peace.
Democrats Can Win Big in 2024. But They Have to Fight for It.
Republican chaos may help Democrats some in 2024. But if they want to win, they really need to help themselves.
In Defense of Homeownership
It’s been blamed for everything from NIMBYism to urban sprawl. So why do I still want in?
The Latin School Teacher Who Made Classics Popular
A new biography of Edith Hamilton tells the story of how and why ancient literature became well-read in the United States.
Israel-Gaza War
“After waking up early Saturday to sirens and a barrage of hundreds of rockets, we learned about the unprecedented assault that Palestinian militants from Gaza carried out on Israeli towns,” Haggai Matar writes from Tel Aviv. “Contrary to what many Israelis are saying, while the army was clearly caught completely off guard, this was not a ‘unilateral’ or ‘unprovoked’ attack.”

This week, Matar along with myriad other writers filing from New York to Gaza have reported on the conflict and mass murders playing out across the region. Amid the fog of misinformation, The Nation strives to be a forum for accurate reporting and the voices of all who are suffering across the Middle East. Please find our full body of coverage here and a selection of our writing on the conflict below.

Haggai Matar
Hamas’s Shock Attack Should Spark Our Horror—and Our Questions

Mohammed R. Mhawish
Gaza Is a Nightmare Today, but We Will Not Stop Dreaming of Freedom

Hillel Schenker
The Catastrophe of October 7. Why Did It Happen?

Saree Makdisi
Things In Palestine May Never Be the Same Again

Ibtisam Mahdi
Report From Gaza: “The Hospital Yard Is Filled With Corpses”

Jack Mirkinson
A Reminder to the Media: Palestinian Lives Matter Too

Stefanie Fox
Jewish Grief Must Not Be Used as a Weapon of War

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