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‘Call of Duty’ to deploy AI to hunt for hate speech

JNS Daily

The ADL has documented white supremacist content, including usernames, on certain video games.

Video games. Credit: Pixabay.

Video games. Credit: Pixabay.

Activision, creator of the popular, first-person shooter video game “Call of Duty,” is aggressively addressing racism and bigotry in the game’s chat features.

Users, including many young people, can chat over headsets with one another as they wage virtual battles. Hate speech, including antisemitism, has spread on this as well as other games.

Activision is using a program called ToxMod—created by the artificial intelligence company Modulate—both to identify hateful language and to analyze tone, intent and context. The technology purports to identify things like hate group recruitment efforts.

Once AI flags a potential violation, human moderators take over. Offenders face two-day suspensions for minor infractions and up to lifetime bans for more extreme ones.

The Anti-Defamation League has documented white supremacy content before, including hateful usernames, on video-game platforms, including “Call of Duty.”


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