On Israel, Hamas, and Gaza

Raja Shehadeh
Causes for Despair

Wars are usually harbingers of change, yet Israel’s previous wars have achieved no fundamental progress toward peace.

David Shulman
Déjà Vu in Israel

The conceptual system that has dominated Israeli thinking and policy for decades has been exposed, repeatedly, as dangerous and delusional.

Tareq Baconi
Gaza Without Pretenses

For years Israel and Hamas maintained an unstable equilibrium that kept the Gaza Strip contained. But it was always likely to be temporary.

Joshua Leifer
Inhumane Times

Saturday’s devastating attacks have been met in Israel with rage at the government’s failures and demands for disproportionate vengeance.

Fintan O’Toole
Eyeless in Gaza

What lessons do people actually learn from the cruelties they applaud and the ones they suffer in return?

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