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Introducing Defending Globalization, a New Cato Institute Project

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The Cato Institute has launched a new multi-year, multimedia project: Defending Globalization.

The last few years have witnessed a renewed attack from the left and the right—in the United States and abroad—on the relatively free movement of goods, people, capital, and ideas across national borders, a.k.a. “globalization”.

However, the most common anti-globalization narratives are not just flawed; they ignore the fundamental humanity of globalization and that, for all its foibles and missteps, global capitalism’s long-term direction is undeniably positive. Cato’s Defending Globalization project aims to both correct the record and offer a strong, proactive case for more global integration in the years ahead.

To make this case, we will roll out a variety of content over the next year and beyond, including:

  • An online library of essays on a wide range of globalization-related topics, written by Cato scholars and prominent outside experts (list of essays released today at the bottom);
  • An interactive quiz on the myths and realities of globalization;
  • New polling on Americans’ views of globalization;
  • A t-shirt and accompanying online data visualization tracking the shirt’s entire supply chain through the United States, Canada, and Guatemala;
  • A day-long conference in January and other events in 2023–24; and
  • Videos and other media on the facts and faces of globalization—real people who benefit greatly from our globalized world.
All this content (and more) will be available on the Defending Globalization website. Subscribe to email updates on the project’s latest content here.

We hope you not only visit Defending Globalization today but use it as a long-term resource for informing discussions and debates on globalization and the future of global trade and immigration. You also can join the conversation on social media using #CatoGlobalization.

Defending Globalization Project

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