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Chasing Trump

Let’s be honest — it’s getting difficult to pay close attention to the Republican presidential primary. Donald Trump is far ahead and only expanding his lead, while his nominal challengers seem to be either not that good or not that serious about winning the nomination. But Olivia Nuzzi’s remarkable series of dispatches from the campaign trial, where she spent 13 weeks following Trump and several of his opponents as they courted voters, is one report on the topic you will definitely not want to skip. In this story, the cover of New York’s next issue, Olivia brings her sharp eye, keen political insight, great source network, and even better sense of humor to bear on the race and breaks it down in a way that is by turns entertaining, tragic, hilarious, and alarming. What does Mike Pence have to say to rabid Trumpists who would have been happy to see him hanged on January 6? Why can’t Ron DeSantis seem to do anything right? What was Trump thinking while he watched the disaster of a GOP debate last month? And why is his campaign harassing Nikki Haley with strange props at a Des Moines hotel in the middle of the night? In a seemingly hopeless race, what are the real strategies of the second-tier candidates? Olivia has answers to all of the above and much, much more.

—Jebediah Reed, editor, Intelligencer

Do Any of These People Stand a Chance Against Trump? On the trail with the candidates vying (in theory, anyway) for the Republican nomination.

Photo-illustration by Joe Darrow for New York Magazine

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