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10/6/23: Cardi B Loves FDR, Teenagers Scammed By Sexting, Diploma Divide, Aaron Rodgers “Mr. Pfizer” Joke, Saudi Water Deal Cancelled, Menendez Wife Car Killing, Health Issues With Big Corp Food Preservation

This week we discuss Cardi B declaring her love for FDR on the ‘Hot Ones’ podcast, thousands of teenage boys being preyed upon by “sexting scams”, the Diploma Divide, Aaron Rodgers makes a joke about Travis Kelce calling him “Mr. Pfizer”, the Arizona Governor cancelling the Saudi Water deal in their state, Senator Menendez Wife’s history of killing a man while driving, and James Li looks at the health issues with “Food Preservation” at big corporations.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (00:13)Cardi B Loves FDR (6:09)Teen Boys Sexting Scam (11:28)Diploma Divide (18:23)”Mr. Pfizer” (26:11)Saudi Water Cancelled (31:06)Menendez Wife Car Killing (35:40)James Li on Health Issues with Food Preservation (46:18) EoS

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