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10/5/23: Republican Speaker Civil War, Biden Panics As Ukraine Aid Looks Dead, Pelosi Booted From Special Office, Terrible Jobs Numbers Amid Housing Crisis, Third Party Support Skyrockets, Michael Lewis Insane SBF Defense, Payday Lenders Wrecked By SCOTUS, Big Three Losing Billions On EV’s, And UAW Worker Breaks Down Demands

Krystal and Saagar discuss Republicans throwing in their bids to replace McCarthy for speaker, Democrats worry speaker fight will halt Ukraine aid, interim speaker kicks Pelosi out of her office, job gains slow in September, third party support skyrockets, Michael Lewis downplays SBF fraud, Scotus wrecks payday lenders in key CFPB case, Rivian losses show warning sign for EV’s, and updates on the UAW strike.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:09)Speaker Civil War Between Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, And Trump? (14:18)Biden Freaks As Ukraine Aid Looks Dead (26:45)Pelosi Booted From Special Office (39:13)Horrible Jobs Report Amid Housing Crisis (47:58)Third Party Support Skyrockets (1:00:06)Michael Lewis Defense Of SBF Fraud (1:12:29)Payday Lenders Pulverized By SCOTUS (1:20:23)Big Three Lose Billions On EV’s (1:30:50)UAW Worker Speaks Out Amid Strike Escalation (1:42:38)End Of Show

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