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Interview with Alison Morrow, on Censorship, Covid, and Media Manipulation

Click through for a great talk with the Washington-based podcaster once fired for interviewing Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

Oct 4, 2023

Alison Morrow has two Emmy awards as a broadcaster and worked in newsrooms all over the country, in uncontroversial straight-news outlets like the Seattle NBC affiliate KING-TV. She quit TV news in 2019 and took a job with the Washington Department of Natural Resources, starting up a podcast in her spare time. Her career took a bizarre turn in 2021 when, after interviewing Missouri v. Biden plaintiff and lockdown critic Dr. Aaron Kheriaty for her show, she was fired from her state job for taking action they said would “undermine” DNR policies.

Alison and I reconnected after I spoke with Kheriaty recently, and we had a great discussion about her experiences and the craziness still infecting the media business. Her YouTube channel is more than worth a follow, and thanks to her for having me on.

Editor’s Note: Morrow’s story gained more retrospective importance yesterday when the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals responded to a request from the plaintiffs to reconsider an earlier ruling and restore the Homeland Security Agency CISA in the injunction against government censorship. This is a big victory for plaintiffs, for as Racket readers may recall, the removal of CISA from the earlier appellate ruling was a significant blow. You can see Kheriaty’s tweet about the news here.

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