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10/3/23: McCarthy Speakership ENDING? Gaetz Files To Vacate, SBF 5 Billion Trump Bribe, 3 Massive Shocks To China Econ, Nazi Revisionism For Ukraine, UAW Worker Calls Out Jim Cramer, Canada’s Orwellian Podcasting, Trump Faces Business Death Penalty, Ro Khanna Calls Out Newsom Labor

Krystal and Saagar discuss Gaetz filing a motion to vacate in hopes to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, author Michael Lewis reveals that SBF planned to pay Trump 5 Billion Dollars to drop out of the presidential race, Peter Zeihan talks about 3 ways the Chinese economy will get hit all at once, the US media embraces the Nazi revisionism around Ukraine, a UAW worker calls out Jim Cramer, Saagar looks into Canada’s new Orwellian crackdown on Podcasting, Krystal looks into Trump’s business fraud trial in New York, and we’re joined in studio by Congressman Ro Khanna to talk about McCarthy speakership and calling out Gavin Newsom on his recent Labor ruling decisions in CA.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:58)Gaetz Files To Vacate McCarthy (16:46)SBF Tried Bribing Trump To Drop out (31:37)Zeihan: China’s Econ Hit 3 Ways (44:33)Nazi Revisionism in US Media (57:32)UAW Striker Calls Out Jim Cramer (1:07:21)Saagar on Canada Orwell Podcasting (1:14:38)Krystal on Trump’s Business Fraud Trial (1:23:45)Ro Khanna Calls Out Gavin Newsom Labor Rulings (1:38:25)EOS

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