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Tech workers are paying up to $700 a month for tiny bed ‘pods’ in San Francisco

Brownstone Shared Housing
Brownstone Shared Housing.
Brownstone Shared Housing
  • Startup founders are paying up to $900 a month to stay in tiny four-feet tall bed “pods.”
  • The tiny spaces only fit one twin bed, run on monthly contracts, and don’t need a deposit.
  • Residents have to share five bathrooms and some common areas but there’s no kitchen.

Tech workers are paying up to $900 a month to stay in tiny bed “pods,” small boxes made of wood and steel just four feet high.

The pods, which are made by Brownstone, can only fit one twin bed, and those staying will have to make do without a full kitchen or laundry machines while also sharing five bathrooms.

The bed pods are arranged in are stacked two-high in dorms, and they run on monthly contracts and don’t require a security deposit.

One resident, tech startup founder Christian Lewis, who created the AI firm Spellcraft, said the tiny spaces got a “little toastie,” but he had enjoyed a restful eight-hour sleep. He and others trying to launch AI careers in San Francisco praised the accommodation in an interviews with ABC 7 News, particularly for the networking opportunities they offered with other pod-dwellers.


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