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Michael Rectenwald: WEF Is A “Megalomaniacal Control Scheme”

Michael Rectenwald

The World Economic Forum claims to be an impartial, independent organization dedicated to making corporations around the globe accountable to all sectors of society. In partnership with the United Nations, the WEF is shepherding private-public sector cooperation toward sustainable development goals that will be a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity, now and into the future.” These goals include ending hunger, gender equality, access to education, clean water, and clean energy across the globe.

But for all its utopian promise, the WEF platform is not about liberation – it’s about pathological domination — a “megalomaniacal control scheme,” according to author and academic Michael Rectenwald, who argues as much in his book, “The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda.”

This might sound like something a lifelong conservative and conspiracy theorist would say. In fact, Rectenwald is a former Marxist and professor of liberal studies. So why did he leave the Left and become a prominent critic of woke excess? And why did he write a book about the WEF and the threat of the transhumanist agenda?


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