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African Coups: Will the French Get Involved?

by Peter Zeihan on September 28, 2023

There’s been a surge in coups throughout African countries, and there’s a common thread connecting them – most are former French colonies.

Looking back at the colonial histories of the French and the British, two very different strategies were implemented. The Brits opted for the economic route – targeting regions and areas of strategic significance. The French took a more ego-driven approach and focused on the biggest swaths of territory.

While the Brits primarily wanted a cut of the profits from their colonies, the French wanted to be in charge of everything, so they hollowed out systems and put their people in charge. Fast forward to the present day, the French have packed their bags and left shells of colonies primed for coups and prone to external influence from China and Russia.

As these coups run their course, French involvement could take on a number of different forms. That’s what makes this so interesting….the French are a wildcard, and their involvement comes down to how they see themselves.

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African Coups: Will the French Get Involved? || Peter Zeihan

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