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9/26/23: Perfect Storm May Crash Economy, Debunking Auto CEO Lies, Menendez Uses Cuban Heritage To Deflect Corruption, Newsom Vs DeSantis Debate Confirmed, Newsom Betrays Truckers On AI, New UFO Whistleblowers, Landmark Case For Podcasts, US Subsidizing Ukraine Businesses, Autoworkers Go To War Over EV Future, And Robert Weissman On Big Pharma Corruption

Krystal and Saagar discuss four major factors that may crash economy, debunking auto CEO lies amid strike, Menendez uses his Cuban background to defend corruption allegations, Newsom vs. DeSantis debate confirmed, Newsom vetoes bill to protect truckers from AI vehicles, dozens of whistleblowers on UFOs come forward, landmark case for podcasts, Biden admin subsidizing Ukrainian businesses, autoworkers go to war for EV future, and Robert Weissman joins to discuss corporate corruption in the USA.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:38)Perfect Storm To Crash Economy (14:50)Debunking Auto CEO Propaganda (23:43)Menendez Uses Cuban Heritage To Deflect Corruption (37:18)Newsom Vs. DeSantis Debate (46:50)Newsom Betrays Truckers On AI Bill Veto (54:34)New UFO Whistleblowers Confirm Crash Retrieval (1:03:12)Landmark Case For Podcasts (1:11:32)Biden Subsidizes Ukraine Businesses (1:19:53)Autoworkers Fight For EV Future (1:33:08)How Big Pharma Stole Half A Trillion From Americans (1:45:10)End Of Show

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